Recently, most people are complaining about HP laptop black screen error. The laptop screen is black even they did nothing to the device.

  • Now after two months of my screen replacement i am experiencing white outs which is quite random and happens at start up as well as while i am working on my laptop.
  • Disabling Windows Defender can help fix this issue as this was the only way that worked for a lot of users.
  • Scanning with the Defender is still possible in this case, but there should be no CPU consumption.
  • Eventually the light was gone just after the BIOS sequence, and i stopped doing this when there were coming some strange noises and a not so nice smell from the laptop.
  • One of the most complicated reasons the screen goes black is a crash.

You can’t update just the Wi-Fi software driver on a mobile device. The only way to update anything is to wait for the update pushed out by the manufacturer. For a Wi-Fi adapter, the driver’s release date shouldn’t be before 2019. If so, it’s record dvd to harddrive too old, and you want to try updating the driver. To do that, click on the Update Driver button, then on Search automatically for updated driver software. You need the latest Wi-Fi driver on each client for it to work well.

Why Does My Screen Go Black After An Update?

Since you can’t permanently disable the service, you’ll need to solve the high usage error another way. The easiest solution is to update Microsoft Defender. Install the latest updates to fix any issue you may be having. We have listed several methods in this article to help you stop antimalware service executable from consuming excessive CPU resources. You cannot end this process as long as you use Windows built-in antivirus/defender engine. However, if you turn off the real-time feature or switch to a third-party antivirus software then you wont see this process in your task manager. For most people, the high memory usage caused by Antimalware Service Executable typically happens when Windows Defender is running a full scan.

Test For Memory Problems Using Hp Pc Hardware Diagnostics

If it boots as usual, the BKSOD error has been fixed. If not, think about what operations you did before this error, and then undo the operation in Safe Mode. However, if you can’t remember, you may need to perform more operations. That is to say starting computer via this option will restore computer to the last state when it can boot successfully. This option is a Windows startup option that uses the most recent system settings that worked correctly. Boot computer and press F8 to get the advanced boot options.

Fix 1: Disable Peer To Peer Update

I could be wrong but I think Fn+F4 is the right key combination. You still can see the image on the screen and it’s still bright, even though it’s inverted, right? If the screen is still bright, there is nothing wrong with the inverter board.