The Team

Dwayne Fields

At age six, Dwayne came to North London from Jamaica. All the freedom he enjoyed on his tropical island seemed to vanish overnight. He had to adapt, and in adapting, he gave up on the outdoors. He became depressed and mixed up in the wrong crowd… gangs. Fast forward to his early twenties, one incident in Hackney changed his life. Forever. A gun was pointed at him, he was shot at - at point blank range. It misfired. Twice! He has also been a victim of gang knife crime when he was stabbed in the chest and stomach.

Dwayne decided that he wanted to do something that could inspire inner city kids, showing them that this is NOT the path they need to follow.

In 2010, as a protest to gang violence and a slap in the face of stereotypes, Dwayne walked to the Magnetic North Pole, becoming the first black Briton to achieve this feat. On his return he was invited to Buckingham Palace at a reception to mark the centenary of Scott’s expedition to the South Pole in the presence of the HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Since then he has dedicated his life to helping London’s youth by focussing on outdoor activities, such as walking and climbing. As a result Dwayne has been awarded the ‘Freedom of the City of London’ by its Lord Mayor. Dwayne is a dedicated Ambassador for the Scout Association, the National Trust the Woodland Trust and Ordnance Survey.

Phoebe Smith

Phoebe likes to sleep wild - from caves to mountain tops, disused farmsteads and under giant boulders – if it's in a wild place she want to take her sleeping bag and bivvy and experience a wild night out. She has seen her love of wilderness take her on solo adventures all around the world – from Everest Base Camp in Nepal, to portaledging in trees in the Bavarian Alps and bedding down inside glaciers in Svalbard – the last stop before the North Pole.

In 2014 she became the first person to camp at all the extreme points of mainland Britain, solo, on consecutive nights. In 2017 she gave up her Christmas to raise money for Centrepoint, the young people's homeless charity, by Sleeping the 3 Peaks. In 2018 she completed a 10-night Extreme Sleep Out where she slept dangling from 10 UK landmarks for charity and for Christmas 2018 she raised over £16k by walking from Sunderland to Cumbria, solo, sleeping rough and dressed as Wander Woman in her self-devised Hadrian Hundred for Homeless.

Phoebe has proudly been an Ordnance Survey #GetOutside Champion since 2016 in recognition of her work encouraging everyone to enjoy the great outdoors. She is also ambassador for the annual Big Canopy Campout (which helps raise funds for the World Land Trust), as well as Wild Night Out - the UK's national night of adventure. She is also president of the Long Distance Walkers Association (

It’s her on-going mission to prove that you don’t need to be a beard-sporting, rufty-tufty, I’ll-eat-a-dead-sheep-carcass type to have an adventure!

An award-winning travel writer, photographer and broadcaster, Phoebe will be documenting Team #WeTwo's trip to share with the world.