Seabirds to South

Antarctica may be the ultimate destination for Team #WeTwo, but first, there is work to be done here in Britain.

On a mission to engage young people to realise there are epic adventures on their own doorstep, highlight environmental issues close to home and turn the spotlight on wildlife conservation efforts that they can get involved in, they will undertake an Antarctic-style expedition - in the UK this winter.

On November 18, 2019 they are going to complete a first -both rollerskiing and walking (while pulling their gear on rolling sleds) from the northernmost to the southermost points of mainland Britain, in their ‘Seabirds to South’ adventure.

The distance is the same, mile-for-mile, as what they will walk in Antarctica. The ascent? Over 9,000m (that’s more than Everest). The mission - equally as carbon neutral with the focus firmly on sustainable adventure as a force for good. And - while doing it they will be fundraising for the #WeTwo Foundation.

1,300km in 40 days...

Why we walk
Phoebe and Dwayne are giving up Christmas - twice - on their two expeditions - Seabirds to South and Penguins to Pole - but why?

Sustainable adventures
Team #WeTwo wants to show that adventuring can be done responsibly. That’s why they will be taking the train to the start of Seabirds to South British expedition and ensuring their Antarctic expedition will be carbon negative. They will be using eco-friendly, recycled and sustainably sourced gear for both.

Wildlife initiatives
Both adventures start by the team highlghting the plight of endangered wildlife. Dunnet Head in Britain is home to threatened speices of seabirds and Berkner Island is the habitat for the increasibly rare emporer penguins. Along the way here in the UK wildlife projects will be visited and highlighted by #WeTwo.

Environmental efforts 
Before both expeditions Phoebe and Dwayne will be planting enough native trees to make them carbon negative.

Adventures in Britain
The team is hugely passionate about showcasing the range of adventures available right here in Britain and will use the Seabird to South expedition to prove it.

#WeTwo Foundation
In 2021 Dwayne and Phoebe will take a group of underprivilged young people to Antarctica by expedition ship - both adventures will be findraising to cover these costs.

Training for Antarctic expedition
Walking the length of Britain on rollerskis, with pulks will not only do all of the above, but also prove an excellent (and budget-friendly) training programme ready for the White Continent.

Together #WeTwo can change the world. Because while we can all fight for our corner individually, the only way we make things happen is by working together. So that #WeTwo will eventually become #WeToo.

Follow our training, progress and updates on social media @DwayneFields and @PhoebeRSmith and look for the hashtag #WeTwo